Car Wash Fleet Program

Stand out by making a
great first impression!

No matter the business, your branded vehicles make an immediate impact when they are seen on the road or rolling up to a job. Make a great first impression every time!

Express Auto Wash’s convenient locations deliver clean vehicles that enhance your business’ image more efficiently and cost-effectively than in-house washing. Additionally, our fleet plans provide the convenience of volume discounts while allowing you to manage your bottom line and present a clean brand experience to your customers every time!

In a time where dealerships are suffering from labour shortages, Express auto wash has helped us greatly by doing all of our vehicle cleaning for us.

How Our Fleet Program Works

1. List your authorized vehicles

2. Select the wash packages and add-ons for each vehicle on your account

3. Each fleet vehicle is provided a wash card

4. Every wash we will verify each fleet wash card to the authorized fleet vehicle

5. Each fleet wash card will only allow purchase of pre-approved wash packages and add-ons

6. Every fleet account wash receives up to 25% discount off the regular price

7. Your company is invoiced monthly

Enhance Your Fleet With Fusion

Superior Wash Performance

Fully-integrated combination of state-of-the-art chemistry and precision engineered car wash equipment designed to deliver showroom shine each and every time.

Fleet Accounts receive up to a 25% discount on wash packages including add-ons!

Our Fleet Program allows you to maintain your company’s clean and professional image while saving you money by allowing employees to focus on higher-value services.

Employees drive up and present the pass at any location. No money exchanged, no hassle, no expense reports – just a clean vehicle back on the road in just 3 minutes!

Clean company vehicles improve the durability, maximize the lifespan and long-term value of the fleet, while projecting a professional image that enhances corporate value.


Just a few of the local companies who are enjoying the benefits of Fleet Program Membership.

Fleet Program Form

Bring sparkle to your branded fleet and to our community, while helping preserve the environment. Call us or fill out the form below to learn more. Our team will contact you soon!