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Great car wash! Good tiers of wash options and staff helps guide you in to the track. Also, if you have a rear wiper, they tape it down so it doesn’t get wrecked. Little details like that are awesome! 🙂

— Derek

The team brings a positive and enthusiastic attitude with very good hours of service which provides a refreshing experience that is hard to find in Kamloops.

I believe it says something when the ownership/management is willing step in any of the various …

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— Blake

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Add-On Services

Add-On Services


5 minutes of powerful vacuuming time.

Rate: $3 per 5 mins

Mat Cleaner

All four vehicle mats professionally cleaned for $6.

Rate: $6 per set of 4

Rewash Policy

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with our Rewash Policy

Bug smears, bird poop, tree sap, brake dust and road tar are often difficult to remove from vehicle surfaces – even by hand. If left untreated, or treated incorrectly with the wrong cleaning product or material they can permanently damage your paint. If left to the natural elements, these stains and damage will compound over time.

Sometimes all that it takes to loosen up those tough stains is a second-round through our auto wash. If you happen to be experiencing stubborn stains, talk to one of our attendants and we’ll gladly bring you back through for another wash free of charge! We’re committed to your vehicle always sparkling with our Rewash Policy.

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Kamloops 1500 Hugh Allan Drive
Kamloops, BC V1S 1P4
Tel: (778) 362-2087
Open 9 am – 10 pm everyday

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